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Pronex cervical tractionPronex cervical traction

Pronex Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Air-inflated bellows provides smooth, controlled decompression- keeping muscles relaxed & overcoming guarding reflexes
  • Even anterior & posterior decompression
  • Increases joint space – reducing intradiscal pressure, radicular pain and spasms
  • Twice as much traction as traditional home units (up to 35 lbs), yet much more comfortable and easy to use
Comfortland CV-900 cervical tractionComfortland CV-900 cervical traction

CV-900 Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Easy to apply traction
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use cervical traction
  • Traction provided by pneumatic force
  • Easy to use hand pump and pressure gauge
  • Traction applied in most effective supine position
Comfortland CV-1000 cervical tractionComfortland CV-1000 cervical traction

CV-1000 Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Easy to apply traction
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use cervical traction
  • Direct traction force provided by cable system
  • Easy to use knob adjusts force
  • Traction applied in most effective supine position
Elite Air Decompression LSO with accessoriesElite Air Decompression LSO side view1 with panels (EDLSO-648)

Elite Air Decompression LSO

Key Features

  • Adjustable air decompression
  • Rigid front and back (anterior and posterior) panels for superior support
  • Removeable panels for step-down support
  • Relaxes muscle spasms
  • Prevents and relieves back pain
  • Extender panel increases the circumference up to 8 inches
  • HCPCS L0648
Optec expander max decompression lumbar sacral orthosisOptec Expander Max LSO lumbar sacral orthosis

Expander Max LSO

Key Features

  • Lightweight brace with easy-pull drawstring
  • Allows high compression with minimal force
  • Treats bugling or herniated discs, sciatica, and more

Elite LSO & TLSO

Key Features

  • Adaptable step-down support
  • Comfortable, lightweight brace
  • Easy pull drawstring for effective compression
  • Breathable material wicks away perspiration
  • HCPCS L0648/L0650
Optec venum hybrid LSO lumbar sacral orthosisOptec venum hybrid LSO lumbar sacral orthosis

Venum Hybrid LSO & TLSO

Key Features

  • Rigid Panels and Step-Down Support
  • Made from lightweight and breathable mesh
  • Detachable polymer panels allow for easy adjustment of compression and support
  • One-size brace simplifies fitting
  • Dual drawstrings increase support and compression


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