CV-1000 Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Easy to apply traction
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use cervical traction
  • Direct traction force provided by cable system
  • Easy to use knob adjusts force
  • Traction applied in most effective supine position


Cable System Home Cervical Traction Unit

The CV-1000 Comfortland Cervical Traction Unit utilizes an easy-to-use twist knob to apply traction force via a cable while in the most effective supine position. Easy to use and one size fits all, the CV-1000 is a great solution for cervical traction needs.

Typical Indications

Herniated or compressed discs, Radiculopathy, Osteoarthritis, Pain and headaches due to soft tissue stiffness.

  • "Recent Guidelines from the Orthopedic Section of the American PT Association state: “Clinicians should consider the use of mechanical intermittent cervical traction...for reducing pain and disability in patients with neck and neck-related arm pain."
  • "A study on the efficacy of home cervical traction therapy for whiplash/spondylosis syndromes reported excellent results, with 81% of participants reporting symptomatic relief." - Am J Phys Med Rehabil 1999; 78(1):39).
  • "A 2005 study reports that 91% of patients using cervical traction exhibited reduced pain and improved function through 6-months follow-up." - J Orth & Sports Phy Ther 2005;35:(12)802).
  • "Forward head posture puts pressure on the cervical nerves, and is an important factor in premature aging, causing: improper spine function, disc desiccation & degeneration, heart & vascular problems, and loss of range of motion, lung capacity (up to 30%) and proper bowel function." - Cailliet, Rejuvenation Strategy” 1987).


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