Pronex Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Air-inflated bellows provides smooth, controlled decompression- keeping muscles relaxed & overcoming guarding reflexes
  • Even anterior & posterior decompression
  • Increases joint space – reducing intradiscal pressure, radicular pain and spasms
  • Twice as much traction as traditional home units (up to 35 lbs), yet much more comfortable and easy to use


Comfortable Pneumatic Home Cervical Traction

Pronex is the only traction device that uses a bellows technology to provide a gentle and evenly distributed distraction of the cervical spine. The Pronex design supports the natural curve of the cervical spine and provides two unique design advantages: inline traction and counter traction. This combination creates an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs providing a better over all treatment.

Traction force is created by applying pressure to the occiput and the trapezius muscles, which means there is no strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Foam Headrest & Shoulder Rest
Provides maximum comfort.

Distracts the spine gently and evenly.

Inflator Bulb
For convenient, single-handed inflation

Inline Traction
Allows for the treatment to be taken in the natural position without flexion.

Counter Traction
Applied pressure creates traction force in two directions instead of one.

Sizing Chart


Regular 14 to 16″
Large 16 to 18″
Wide 18″ and up

Typical Indications

Neck Pain or Stiffness, Tension Headaches Myofascial Pain in Neck or Shoulders, Poor Range of Cervical Motion, Muscle Spasms in Neck or Shoulders, Numbness and Tingling in the Hands or Arms, Whiplash Injuries, TMJ Dysfunction, Poor Posture.

① A study assessing 5 similar home-use, supine traction devices, demonstrated Pronex’s capabilities in distracting the cervical spine, and ranked it the clear winner - scoring best on each of 11 questions assessing convenience, ease of use and comfort (J Neuromusculoskeletal System S 1995; 3(2):82-91). ② A survey of 300+ users confirmed Pronex’s effectiveness: 91% rated Pronex “Good to Excellent” for ease & convenience, 72% reported improvement in their ability to resume normal activities such as work, and 59% reported reduction or elimination of pain medication (A&A Research). ③ Recent Guidelines from the Orthopedic Section of the American PT Association state: “Clinicians should consider the use of mechanical intermittent cervical traction...for reducing pain and disability in patients with neck and neck-related arm pain." ④ A study on the efficacy of home cervical traction therapy for whiplash/spondylosis syndromes reported excellent results, with 81% of participants reporting symptomatic relief (Am J Phys Med Rehabil 1999; 78(1):39). ⑤ A 2005 study reports that 91% of patients using cervical traction exhibited reduced pain and improved function through 6-months follow-up (J Orth & Sports Phy Ther 2005;35:(12)802). ⑥ Forward head posture puts pressure on the cervical nerves, and is an important factor in premature aging, causing: improper spine function, disc desiccation & degeneration, heart & vascular problems, and loss of range of motion, lung capacity (up to 30%) and proper bowel function (Cailliet, Rejuvenation Strategy” 1987).


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