CV-900 Cervical Traction

Key Features

  • Easy to apply traction
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use cervical traction
  • Traction provided by pneumatic force
  • Easy to use hand pump and pressure gauge
  • Traction applied in most effective supine position


Pneumatic Home Cervical Traction Unit

The Comfortland CV-900 is a cervical traction unit for treating neck pain. The easy to use hand pump delivers pneumatic force, applying traction in the most effective supine position at specified angles. Treatment is easy to administer and the adjustable apparatus can be set for any neck size. Increasing intervertebral disc space eases pressure on nerve roots to reduce pain and promote recovery.

Sizing Chart

  • Universal

Typical Indications

Herniated or compressed discs, Radiculopathy, Osteoarthritis, pain and headaches due to soft tissue stiffness.

① "Recent Guidelines from the Orthopedic Section of the American PT Association state: “Clinicians should consider the use of mechanical intermittent cervical traction...for reducing pain and disability in patients with neck and neck-related arm pain."
② "A study on the efficacy of home cervical traction therapy for whiplash/spondylosis syndromes reported excellent results, with 81% of participants reporting symptomatic relief." - Am J Phys Med Rehabil 1999; 78(1):39). ③ "A 2005 study reports that 91% of patients using cervical traction exhibited reduced pain and improved function through 6-months follow-up." - J Orth & Sports Phy Ther 2005;35:(12)802).
④ "Forward head posture puts pressure on the cervical nerves, and is an important factor in premature aging, causing: improper spine function, disc desiccation & degeneration, heart & vascular problems, and loss of range of motion, lung capacity (up to 30%) and proper bowel function." - Cailliet, Rejuvenation Strategy” 1987).


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