Elite Air Decompression LSO

Key Features

  • Adjustable air decompression
  • Rigid front and back (anterior and posterior) panels for superior support
  • Removeable panels for step-down support
  • Relaxes muscle spasms
  • Prevents and relieves back pain
  • Extender panel increases the circumference up to 8 inches
  • HCPCS L0648


Air Decompression LSO with Rigid Support Panels & Step-Down Support

The Elite Air Decompression LSO (lumbar sacral orthosis) combines the support of rigid panels with a decompression lumbar belt to support and relieve pain. The front and back panels are removeable to offer continued therapy options during recovery. The back panel extends from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T-9 vertebra. Decompression of the lower spine is accomplished through expansion of the lumbar belt from 5.1” to 7.9” (13 – 20cm) which aids in relaxing muscle spasms and relieves pain.

Air Decompression Belt

  • Vertically expands approximately 2 inches from 5.1 inches tall before inflation to 7.9 inches tall after inflation
  • Decompression expands intervertebral disc space to relieve pain
  • Unloads weight bearing from lower back to hip
  • Thin and lightweight, can be worn under clothing

Traditional Lumbar Support with Versatile Step-Down Support

  • Provides support and stability
  • Restricts harmful movements
  • 2 removeable rigid panel supports: 1 anterior panel, 1 posterior panel
  • Step-down support through removeable panels for patient progression
  • Posterior panel extends from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T-9 vertebra


Sizing Chart
Measurement is above the hips around the waist

Size Measurement*
SM 26 – 32 inches
MD 32 – 36 inches
LG 36 – 40 inches
XL 40 – 46 inches
2XL 46 – 52 inches
3XL 52 – 58 inches

*An extender panel is included that increases the circumference up to 8 inches.

Typical Indications

Burst fracture, bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, post-operative recovery, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis.

Elite Air Decompression LSO EDLSO-648 Instructions
① One high quality study found that Expander Braces actually help improve strength lost due to lower back injury - finding 16% increased strength, 93% increased flexibility and 73% reduced pain after 6 weeks use (Sports Med Train& Rehab 1991, 2(2) p 121).
② A 2005 study found particular efficacy in relieving radicular symptoms - 100% of users reported decrease or disappearance of radicular pain (Acta Neurochir suppl. 2005;92:133).
③ A prospective, randomized, controlled study at the Texas Back Institute found 6 to 8 times greater relief of leg & back pain, and 4 times improved functioning and flexibility after 12 weeks of use (Orthofix).
④ A Cleveland Clinic study found a 23% decrease in intradiscal pressure at L4-L5.


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