treating kyphosis with TLSO brace

Treating Kyphosis with a TLSO Brace

Kyphosis is a condition where the thoracic spine curves forward at an angle greater than 50 degrees. The medical term is hyperkyphosis but it is commonly referred to as kyphosis. The greater the amount of forward curve determines the severity. A minor amount typically does not have many negative effects while a severe amount of…


Product Highlight: The Elite Air Decompression LSO

Product highlights from Elite Medical Supply will provide educational information on the recommended usages for each product that we carry. Today on the blog, we are featuring the Elite Air Decompression LSO.   What is the Elite Air Decompression LSO? Indicated for patients with low back pain, the Elite Air Decompression LSO is a unique back brace aimed…

Physician evaluating patient's knee

Medicare Dear Physician Knee Orthoses Letter (July 2022)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a Dear Physician letter with summary guidance information on Medicare’s coverage and documentation requirements for knee orthoses. According to the July 2022 letter “Knee orthoses have consistently been one of the highest sources of errors in medical reviews performed by the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare…


We Partnered with Parachute Health for Digital Orders

Elite Medical Supply has partnered with Parachute Health to get your patients the quality DME products they need, faster! Read on to learn more about this time-saving digital ordering experience.   Patients Receive Products Faster The Parachute Platform enables clinicians to place orders for medical equipment and supplies digitally with Elite Medical Supply so that they…

Elite Medical Supply is here to support your chiropractic patients

Supporting Your Chiropractic Patient’s Recovery

The team of professionals at Elite Medical Supply of NY are here to support your chiropractic patient’s recovery. Our staff of certified orthotic fitters and chiropractors have provided New York chiropractic offices with high-quality durable medical equipment and orthoses for patients being treated with cervical, spine, knee, and extremity pain since 1998. Whether for post-operative…


Proper Medical Record Documentation

Explaining Proper Documentation Proper medical record documentation practices are learned skills.  Reasons for the lack of documentation include misunderstandings of what, when, how, and why to document.  Carriers and their hired “experts,” Peer Reviewers, generally deny provided treatment, testing, and durable medical equipment (“DME”) by exploiting the treating provider’s deficient documentation.  Doctors are often not…