Premium Low Top Air Walker

Key Features

  • Inflatable air bladder
  • Shock absorbing insole
  • Fits left or right foot
  • HCPCS L4361
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Comfortland Premium Low Top Air Walker

The premium low top air walkers provide the same durability as the Comfortland cam walkers with the addition of a pneumatic air bladder system that inflates around the ankle, providing customized compression. Designed to treat soft tissue injuries, Grade II and III sprains as well as stable fractures, the premium air walker combines functionality and superior fit into a comfortable and affordable product.

Sizing Chart

Size Small Medium Large XLarge
Men’s Shoe Size US 5 – 7 8 – 11 11 – 12.5 13 +
Women’s Shoe Size US 6 – 8 9 – 12 12 – 13.5 14 +

Typical Indications

Soft tissue injuries, grade II and III sprains, stable fractures.

CL 61-324 Instructions
β‘  β€œIn addition to offloading the fifth metatarsal in common gait movements, a CAM walker boot has several potential advantages during foot fracture rehabilitation. The CAM boot immobilizes the ankle joint and extrinsic tendons, including the peroneal tendons, while allowing device removal for motion and resistance exercises to reduce the risk of muscle atrophy and deconditioning seen with prolonged casting.”— PM R. 2014 Nov;6(11):1022-9.


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