Aspen Hinged Wrist

Key Features

  • Universal Size
  • Fits left or right
  • Malleable Frame
  • Adjustable wrist hinge
  • HCPCS L3915/L3916
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Aspen Hinged Wrist

The Aspen Hinged Wrist is the ideal product for patients suffering from a wrist injury. The universal design allows for either right or left wrist application and the easy closure system makes it easy to don and doff. The aluminum frame can be customized to the patient’s forearm, wrist and hand for a secure fit. The Aspen Hinged Wrist can be applied in either flexion or extension control to appropriately treat multiple conditions.

Typical Indications

Ulnar styloid fracture, Partial Rupture of Tendon in wrist/hand, Colles Fracture, Unspecified pain in wrist/hand, Radius fracture/extensor tendon rupture.

Aspen Hinged Wrist Instructions
  • …orthoses significantly altered the stiffness of the wrist joint is in agreement with the common conclusion that wrist orthoses reduce the maximal wrist range of motion." — J Rehabil Res Dev. 2016;53(6):1151-1166


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