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Spinal – CMF SpinaLogic

Key Features

  • Portable, battery powered non-invasive bone growth stimulator
  • Adjunct to lumbar fusion surgery
  • Works with both anterior and posterior approaches
  • Improves fusion rate by 49%
  • Padded with contoured cushioning ensures patient comfort
  • HCPCS E0748

Extremities – CMF OL1000

Key Features

  • For noninvasive treatment of an established nonunion fracture acquired secondary to trauma, excluding all vertebrae and flat bone.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy-to-use & Noninvasive
  • Requires simple, one-button operation
  • Device is worn for only 30 minutes per day
  • Can be used with internal or external fixation or over a cast
  • HCPCS E0747


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